The stunning 2012 MORGAN ROADSTER

The owner of this V6 Morgan Roadster is a little bit camera-shy, but happy to share details of his gorgeous car with Spirit Magazine.

Built in Malvern, in the UK, he ordered his car in 2011, buying a ‘build-slot.’ From the leather seats, to the stainless steel wire wheels and even the mohair easy-up hood, every detail of the car was built to his personal specifications, and the finished vehicle was finally delivered in 2012.

It has to be said that it is a head-turner. The iridescent green sparkles in the sunshine. He’s quick to point out that it’s not British racing green – a mistake that many people make.

All Morgans are built to the same time-honoured methods as they were in the early years. This includes a steel chassis, a wooden frame (made of English Ash), and an aluminium body. But these days they also include new materials and processes, blending craftsmanship and technology. In this instance, we’re looking at a car that has an overall weight of only 950kg and delivers a power to weight ratio of around 300bhp per tonne. “It’s very quick,” he says. “I believe it can go from 0 – 100 in 5.7 seconds, but of course, I’ve never driven it at that speed.” Another grin.

As you sink down into the cockpit (that’s what it’s called) it almost feels like you’re sitting on the road, it is so low, and I have to hang onto my hat as we take off in an attempt to give that  0 -100 statistic a nudge.

“I’ve wanted to own a Morgan since I first saw a picture of one when I was just a kid. I love the look of them. This car has great curves,” he grins.

Founded in 1909, Morgan builds bespoke racing cars, and is now the last remaining family-owned, independent British motor manufacturer. Their cars are all about style and power.

The hoods lift to each side, and what’s under here is pretty impressive – a 3.7 litre Mustang V6. “It’s wonderful to drive. I don’t understand people who store vehicles for years. I enjoy driving it. I’d drive it every day if I could.”


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