Laser Electrical are your local home heating specialists. With their understanding and expertise, they can make the new regulations clear, and easier to understand. And, with offices in Ashburton, Geraldine and Rolleston, they really do have the area covered!!

There are five basic types of home heating appliances:

Gas and Diesel Burners: Gas and diesel burners are generally boilers or gas fires that run on LPG or diesel. If they have a rated output of 40kW or less, they can be used anywhere, with no age restriction.

Ultra-low emission burners: Ultra-low emission burners are any solid fuel burners, including pellet burners, that achieve a stringent real-life emission standard – they are the cleanest solid fuel burners and are allowed anywhere with no age restriction.  It is important to note that that some pellet fires are only low emission burners so they will need to be replaced.

Low emission burners: Low emission burners are the most common wood burners in Canterbury. These burners only burn wood and will generally have only one air flow control and will not be able to be banked down overnight.

Older-style burners: Older-style burners are generally only common outside of Christchurch, Kaiapoi, Rangiora and Ashburton. They may have two air flow controls, a grate and an ash pan and may be multi-fuel burners. They can be banked down overnight. These burners are being phased out in all Clean Air Zones.

Open fires: Open fires are any fire places that are not enclosed and in which air flow cannot be controlled. These burners can no longer be used.

 See page 12 & 13 in our JUNE issue, or better still, pop in, or call Laser Electrical for full information. 



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